Prodigy Count-a-dose®


• Low vision and blind friendly
• Measures one (1) unit of insulin at a time, allowing better control of insulin therapy
• Makes a distinctive “click” with each increment
• Holds one or two bottles of insulin—any brand  for easy mixing

Fill Syringes with Independence

The Prodigy Count-a-dose® is a simple way to fill insulin syringes safely and accurately
with one or two bottles of insulin (any brand). The bottle holder is marked to identify
bottles for easy mixing—one raised dot for the first bottle and two raised dots for the
second bottle. With the click dial starting all the way down toward the raised minus
(-) sign, the user simply moves the click dial the number of times, or clicks, per unit of
insulin needed. Each click of the dial toward the plus sign (+) will draw one (1) unit of
insulin into the syringe.