Blind Diabetes Group Formed to Enable Blind Diabetics to Gain Independence and Live Well with Diabetes
June 2017
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Prodigy Diabetes Care – The New #1 for Medicare Diabetes Mail-Order Testing Supplies
February 2017
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – According to a recent report released by the DHHS Office of the Inspector General1 (IOG), Prodigy Diabetes Care is the new #1 brand for Medicare diabetes mail-order testing supplies for the period July through September 2016.

This report is part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) diabetes test strips provision under the National Mail-Order Program. The OIG analyzed Medicare market share percentages of mail-order diabetes testing strips from July through September 2016 to support CMS in evaluating the next round of bids. It was found that sampled suppliers submitted claims for 18 types of mail-order diabetes test strips. The top strip brand, Prodigy Diabetes Care, accounted for 43 percent of the Medicare mail-order market and the top 10 strip types accounted for 98 percent. The second most popular brand of test strip used during this time-period was Lifescan, which had 240% less volume than the Prodigy test strip.

When asked for the reason behind these changes in market share between the traditional big four diabetes test strip manufacturers, Lifescan, Roche, Bayer, and Abbott, Prodigy President, Rick Admani, said that “diabetes test supplies have been commanding a very high price for many years. Now, with the diabetes population growing at a very fast rate and extra cost pressures coming, the government and private health plans don’t have the money to continue as they have been. The big four diabetes manufacturing companies are having trouble, with their current business models, staying competitive. Prodigy Diabetes Care, a growing publicly traded company, was founded by two Engineers and their business model was based upon Lean Six-Sigma practices. They focus on producing quality products with all manufacturing done in-house. Prodigy’s focus, in all aspects of their business, is upon lean, efficient business operations which enable them to make high quality products at a low cost and pass the savings on to their distributions partners and the end user.

¹Medicare Market Shares of Mail-Order Diabetes Test Strips From July Through September 2016

Prodigy Diabetes Care Moves Forward After FDA Concludes Regulatory Action
April 2014
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Prodigy Jockeys For Position
July 2013
Company believes that, as a ‘premium value brand,’ it has a lot to gain from new program.
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Prodigy Diabetes Care Partners With Rx ‘n Go To Launch New Program For-Low Cost Diabetes Test Supplies
June 2013
New initiative projects health plan payor savings of 20 to 50 percent.
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Prodigy Diabetes Care and OK Biotech Align Ownership
April 2013
Diabetes testing product companies take measures to ensure high volume production capabilities and reduced
pricing in wake of Medicare reductions.
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Product Evaluations
Diabetes and Visual Impairment: An Update on Accessible Blood Glucose Meters
February 2012
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Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC and Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Tell Diabetes and Obesity to “TAKE A HIKE!”
April 2011
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Business Leader Media Honors Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC CEO, Ramzi Abulhaj, with “2011 Top 50 Catalyst Entrepreneur Award”
March, 2011
Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC (PDC) is pleased to announce that CEO, Ramzi Abulhaj, has been selected as a 2011 Top 50 Catalyst Entrepreneur by Business Leader Media. The honorees are nominated by the Charlotte business community.  They are recognized for their business’ growth and financial performance, innovation and new product development, and entrepreneurial leadership. Ramzi shares, “We are building a strong foundation by appointing top quality, experienced professionals and leaders. With these individuals in position, PDC will fulfill its commitment to continuously create products that better fit the needs of all diabetics and remain on the forefront of diabetes management.”

Prodigy Diabetes Care Finds Quick Growth in a Challenging Secto
Charlotte Business Journal – by Adam O’Daniel, Finance Editor
January 2011
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