Prodigy® Engineers the Most Accurate Glucose Meters

Prodigy® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems are manufactured in an ISO 9000 & 13485 certified manufacturing facility.
Every lot of meters and test strips is thoroughly tested per ISO 15197 for accuracy and precision.  Prodigy products meet
or exceed all regulatory requirements for precision and accuracy in the countries where they are sold.  Please review or
download the clinical studies below for more detailed information about the accuracy of Prodigy products.

Talking Meter Study (2010)

Duke University Study (2012)

Institut fur Diabetes-Technologie GmbH an der Universtat Ulm (IDT) Study (2011)
(OKmeter AcePlus is a manufacturer brand for the same meter sold in the USA as the Prodigy AutoCode®)

Florida-International Study (2011)

Univ of NC Memorial Hospital Study (2010)